This option you can select any tune you want to make your music box

!!! Please read the instruction first !!!

The whole process takes 7-10 days, not included shipping. Check delivery time here

If you want to engrave your box, please order from here

See example of the custom tune music box click!

How to order a custom tune music box

1.Please read all above carefully. It is very important.

2.Choose your box and fill up the form

Song name: name of your song Link: fill in your link (Youtube link if possible) Interval: fill in start and end of the part you want (Example: 1:20-1:40). Again, maximum length is 24 seconds.

3.Click add to cart and check out

At this stage, you will get charged only a deposit (30 USD + shipping cost) After checking out, your account password will be sent to your email. You will use it when pay the rest amount.

4.We will send you a demo in 3 days

via email or notify you if you have to change song in case that your song cannot be made.

5.If you’re satisfied with the demo,

click on a link attached in the email to confirm and continue making your music box. Or you can reply to this email with your comments for further editing.

6.After we get your confirmation,

we will start the production process. It takes 4-7 days for 1 music box.

7.After your music box is finished,

we will email a video for you to check the product. If you’re satisfied with your music box, you can pay the remaining payment in the link attached in this email. Or you can reply to this email with your comments for further editing.

8.Your music box will be shipped out on the next day.